Notifying people

Loomio includes tools to help you notify people about activity within Loomio. For example; when you start a new thread discussion, require a response, invite people to take an action or just want to make sure people are alerted to new information.

A notification in Loomio sends an email to the people you notify. Notifications also appear under the bell icon at the top right of Loomio.

Notification needs vary from group to group, and often vary over time as people become more familiar with Loomio as part of their daily work. Consider how people in your group want to be notified, and try to strike a balance of letting people know about new activity in Loomio without overwhelming their inbox.

On this page

Notify about new thread

When you start a thread, you can choose to notify all members of a group, or just some of them. Notify sends the thread to specific people via email.

You can also invite guests to the thread. Guests can see and participate in the thread, but cannot see other threads in your group that they have not been invited to.

Use the drop down menu to select a group of people, and click on the group to see individual people. You can remove people from the notification list by clicking the x beside their name.

You can type in the first few letters of the name of a member of your group, and their name in Loomio will appear. Click on this to add to the 'Notify' panel.

You can type or paste in a person's email address. This is useful to invite a 'guest' to the thread. Guests can see the thread and all comments and polls within the thread, however they cannot see any other threads of your group. You can remove a guest from a thread.

If the person is a member of your Loomio group they will receive the notification as usual.

Do not notify anyone

You can also choose not to notify anyone about your thread. If the thread is started in a Loomio group, then all members of the group will be able to see and participate in the thread. Members will be alerted that the thread has started through the daily Catch up summary email if enabled.

A Loomio thread offers a way for you to share information and work transparently - to "work out loud".

By not notifying people you are saving a few emails from their in-box, and members of your group can stay informed of progress of the thread through the 'Catch up summary email' or by signing into Loomio.

Within a thread

Mentioning people

If you want to get the attention of a specific person, type @, start typing their name, and then select the user name of the person you want to mention. You can mention people in comments, threads and polls.


When you reply to a comment, you will notify the user you replied to. Find the reply button on the bottom of the comment that you want to reply to.

Note: You can also reply to your comment, but it does not send a notification. Find the reply icon under the 3 dot menu.


Reacting to a comment is a great way to encourage and acknowledge a comment by letting the comment author know how you feel. It is a quick and light-weight way to participate that does not require any text, nor send an email.

On any comment or thread's context you can react and choose an emoji.

Reactions send a notification within Loomio, but do not send an email.

Invite to thread

You can invite people to the thread at any time after the thread has started.

Select the people you want to invite by group, subgroup or individually.

To add people individually:

  • Group members - type the first letters of their user name or type/paste their email address.
  • Guests - type/paste their email address.

You can remove a person from the thread by clicking the 3 dots menu to the right of their name and selecting Remove from thread.

Invite a guest

You can invite any person outside your group to see and participate in a thread.

Guests can not see any other threads in your group - only the thread they have been specifically invited to.

Invite a guest with their email address.

Notify about thread changes

Notify people to let them know when a thread has been updated.

The thread can be updated at any time by adding/removing text in the thread context.

When updated, you can write a comment in What's changed? describing the change.

The thread edit comment will appear in the thread.

Who has seen or been notified about the thread?

At the top of each thread is Seen by and Notified.

These features help you track engagement in a thread or poll. Although someone may not yet have commented in the thread, you can check to see if they have seen the thread, who has been notified, and if the notification has been read or the email has been opened.

Seen by

Click on Seen by to see who has seen the thread and when.

Notified (Thread notification history)

Click on Notified to see who has been notified about the thread

The ✓ indicates that the notification has been read or the email has been opened.

In Thread notification history you can see all notifications for that thread, including the thread invitation, and mentions and replies within comments.

You can also access thread notification history from within the thread. Go to the thread 3 dot (...) menu.

Comment notification history

Alongside the comment, click on the 3 dots drop-down menu () to find Notification history.

Opening the Notification history will show if any notifications for the comment have been sent, and when.

The ✓ indicates that the notification has been read or the email has been opened.

Poll notification history

At the bottom of the poll, click on the 3 dots drop-down menu () to find Show notifications.

The poll notification history shows who has been invited to the poll and the date invited.

The ✓ indicates that the notification has been read or the email has been opened.


Click Subscribe to watch the thread for any activity. All further activity will be emailed to you immediately. If it is an active thread, you may receive many emails.