Notifying people

Catalyze interactions.

Effective use of Loomio means knowing how and when to get attention from the group, group members, and even external people your group wants to engage in Loomio to keep everything in one place.

If you ask for attention when it's really important, and avoid it when it's not, people will keep paying attention.

Within a thread

Mentioning people

If you want to get the attention of a specific person, type @, start typing their name, and then select the user you want to mention. Click post or start. You can mention people in comments, threads, or even decisions. They will be notified that you’ve mentioned them.


When you reply to a comment, you will notify the user you replied to. Find the reply button on the bottom of the comment to which you wish to associate your reply (it will indented or nested under the comment you replied to, by default).

where to click reply on a comment

Note: You can also reply to yourself, but it does not send a notification.


On any comment or thread's context you can react to quickly respond with an apt emoji.

Reactions send a notification within Loomio, but do not send an email.

Start a decision

The most powerful way to get attention from your group. Ensure that you have a clear decision description so people know how to participate. Loomio will notify everyone you choose (the whole group, everyone in the thread, or selected individuals) about new decisions, although you can choose not to notify people and let them find it on their own time.

Starting a thread


When you start a discussion, you can choose to select all members of a group, or a select number of them. When you select the whole group, you can assume it will get everyone's attention. People you invite will get a notification immediately.

You can also invite guests now (or later, as described just below).

Invite People

When you start a thread, your whole group can access it immediately. If you want more people's participation, or want their participation sooner, you can additionally send them an alert via the box that immediately appears when you start the thread. You can also alert people in this way later on via the members button at the thread context's bottom. Exactly like notify, invited parties will immediately receive a notification.

If, for example, the thread is an important announcement and contains information that's ready for the whole group to take notice of, then notify them when you start the thread.

Tip: We've made it quick to select all of the members of the relevant group; click the link with your group's name.

Use invite people to invite guests or experts from outside your group to a specific thread; learn more.

Notify the right people every time

Subgroups are a great way to make it simple to send notifications to a specific set of people. If I click invite people from a thread in a subgroup, I can simply select Members of Subgroup Name.

It's great to remind your working group when there hasn't been much interaction with a thread. To increase the chances of good engagement, check that the thread context and title include a clear invitation, specifying how to participate.