Record your decisions and share what's next by setting outcomes.

When your proposal closes, you’ll be prompted to set a proposal outcome.

In Loomio, it's not assumed that majority wins - the outcome or conclusion of a decision is up to you to define on behalf of the group. Sometimes it makes sense to go with the majority, but sometimes even one dissenting voice means it's a no.

Group members can be notified of the outcome—see how in the screenshot below—so it's a very useful tool for keeping people in the loop. You can clearly define next steps and name specific actions, or summarize what was learned from the process.

To give a poll or proposal some closure with Share outcome, click on the decision in Previous decisions or from the Decisions page, or when prompted.

**Example outcomes**:

This proposal did not reach consensus because several people were concerned about budget impacts. George and Jimena will do some financial modelling and raise a new proposal next week.


I've taken on board everyone's input. As the project manager, this is my call to make and I've decided we are going to extend the timeline by 10 days.

Setting outcomes makes your decision archive easy to search, because you have a succinct statement for each proposal.

After you select Share outcome, you will have the ability to alert group members and/or voters as depicted below.

You can always click on the X, if you are happy for people to encounter the outcome on their own time. Outcomes, like comments, will cause a thread to indicate it is unread.

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