Governance practices and approaches

Good governance includes establishing, reviewing and challenging governance practices, policies and procedures to continously improve board effectiveness.

However many boards are short on time and often weighed down by board papers, compliance and risk, without sufficient time to discuss and debate critical strategy and performance issues.

On Loomio

Loomio offers the opportunity to work online on a document, policy or procedure. Discussion and decisions are contained in a thread that members can access when and wherever works for them.

Use a thread for each document, policy or procedure. The thread is the container for discussion, and holds document drafts and subsequent versions of the document.

With a Loomio thread, you can organize so that the 2-3 people working on the document text are discussing particulars in the thread. The thread could be private amongst just those 2-3 people, or run openly in the group so that the work is transparent to all members.

When the document reaches a draft version, use a Sense check poll to notify members that the draft document is ready for review, and invite members to read the document and respond with any comments or questions. As well as letting everyone know that the work is progressing, the poll closing date encourages people to participate.

The document may require several draft iterations.

When a 'final' draft is ready, raise a Proposal to approve the document.

Loomio enables a board to progress work on governance improvement between meetings without eating into precious time in meetings.