Loomio Subscription Account Ownership & Group Administration Policy

Subscription account owner

Any person who is a member of a Loomio trial group can signup to a paid subscription for that group and become the subscription account owner.

Loomio subscription accounts are owned by the organization named during subscription account signup, if this is a legal entity. If the organization is unincorporated, the account is owned by the individual who signed up for the account.

At signup, the subscription account owner enters customer information (name, organization and email address), billing information (credit or debit card details) and billing address. At completion of signup, the subscription is activated immediately and the Loomio group automatically upgraded to a paid subscription.

A tax invoice/statement is generated and sent to the email address provided by the account owner. The statement includes a secure link to the billing portal 'Account Management' at the bottom of the statement, where the account owner can access statements, update card and contact details, and cancel the subscription. Access to the billing portal is available only to the registered account owner, and may be verified with a link sent to the account owner's email address.

Card updates and account ownership can be transferred to another person or organization by signing into the billing portal with the 'Account Management' link and editing account owner information.

Subscription account owners can:

  • Manage the account’s subscription: including updating billing information, changing account owner, and cancelling the subscription account.

Loomio group Administration

The administration of a Loomio group is done by Administrators. The person who originally started the Loomio group is by default an Administrator, and can grant Admin priviledges to any member of the group.

Group administrators have access to all settings and permissions for the group.

Administrators can:

  • Edit group settings including privacy which means they can change the visibility and access to the Loomio group.
  • Add and remove members, and set permissions which means they can change what group members can do in the group.
  • Access and export all data in a group: that means they have the ability to read all content within the Loomio group.
  • Grant and remove admin permissions: We encourage customers to share admin rights with someone you trust to help co-administer your Loomio group in the event you are unavailable.

Can Loomio help us change the Subscription account owner or Administrator?

If the account is owned by a legal entity, we at Loomio can reassign account management if provided with enough proof that the request is coming from a top-level organizational leader. To start a request to change the Account Manager, an owner or chief executive of the organization must contact our support team.

From there, we may ask for more verification of identity and relationship to the organization as well as ensure that there are no pending disputes of ownership. This process will likely take several days, as we need to make absolutely sure the request is legitimate.

If we’re unable to verify the legitimacy of the request, or if it’s being disputed by the current Account owner, we may require a properly served court order for Loomio Limited to proceed.

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