Administration and record keeping

Admin and keeping good records for audit is an important, and often legal requirement for your board or committee.

Increasingly, electronic records are supplanting the requirement for paper.

However digital tools enable your board to do much more than just file meeting minutes.

Transform your board:

“Our board group has been particularly transformative, enabling continuous governance, improving response times and increasing our agility, resilience and sustainability… Loomio saves us thousands of pounds every year”

  • Austen Cordasco Co-operative Assistance Network Limited (CAN) Business support services , United Kingdom

Let's look at how to organize work, administer threads, keep data safe and store records in Loomio.

Administering threads

There is a range of features in Loomio to help you administer threads accessible from the drop down menu to the right of the thread.

Keep the thread list current by using:

  • Pin thread to keep important threads at the top of the list
  • Edit thread to change thread title or update thread context
  • Move to group when you want to move a thread to another group or subgroup, or to an archive group.
  • Close thread to remove the thread from the list. Closed threads are easily available under the thread drop down menu and from the search bar, and can be reopened at any time.
  • Delete thread when you do not want to keep a record of the thread. Note that deleted threads can not be un-deleted.

Category tags

Category tags are a great way to label threads so they can be easily found. Set tags and apply to each thread - try to be consistent.

Common board tags include: Administration, AGM, Board meeting, Report, Finance, Legal, Members, Minutes, Planning, Policy, Resolution, Constitution, General meeting, Strategy.

Group members can search for threads by tag under the tags drop down menu.

Maintaining the thread topic

Threads work best for everyone when you can keep the thread on a single topic.

If a new topic is introduced in the middle of a thread, you can select and move specific comments to another thread, or start a new thread.


Subgroups help you organize your communications and members so that the right people are engaged in their work together. For example, you can use a subgroup for a subcommittee or working group.

Setting up subgroups.

Archiving records

To keep a record of a thread discussion and decisions in polls, use Print thread and print the file to pdf. You can then store a published copy of the thread in your chosen document storage archive.

To keep a complete record of the data in your Loomio group, use Export group data.

Data storage

Loomio's cloud services protect your data by writing to multiple disks instantly, backed up daily, and stored in multiple locations.

All data in threads, comments, polls and file attachments are stored in this way.

Files attached to threads can also be seen under the Files tab.

More about security in Loomio.