Prepare your group

A Loomio group is a safe place for your organization to meet, have discussions and make decisions about work.

Group home page

Your group home page is the first place people will see when they arrive to your group - make them welcome, and make it their home!

Design your Loomio group experience by adding a cover image and logo to help people feel at home.

Write a group description that clearly states why the group exists, what kind of work you are going to do, who the members of the group are, and how they can participate.

Your group home page is also a resource hub

Your Loomio group page is a place to store all of the information, links and files, that everyone in your group needs.

Starting a new group

If you are new to Loomio, you can start a group on a free trial at any time from the Loomio website.

For many organizations, a single Loomio group is sufficient. You can start as many subgroups as you need within the group. See Subgroups for more info.

If you already use Loomio and would like to start a new group for another organization or purpose, you can do this from the sidebar menu - click on New group.

A new Loomio group starts a new free trial and you will be invited to upgrade the trial to a paid subscription.

Pro plan customers have more than one group included with the Pro subscription. Contact us to connect your new group to your Pro plan subscription.

Group details

Group name

Type your group name. It's best to keep your group name short and concise.

Group handle

Your group is automatically assigned a 'handle'. This provides a simplified url address for your group that can help you find your group, and that you can share with people to help them find your group.

The simplied url address for your group is

You can edit the handle.

Category selection

You may be asked to select a category that best describes your group. This helps us help you with relevant information.

When you click 'Start Group' your new group is automatically created!