Loomio is a decision making tool for collaborative organizations.

It enables you to bring people together, have discussions on topics, explore proposals and make decisions.

It's a discussion forum with a set of tools to allow you to facilitate a discussion towards an outcome.

Watch this video for an intro to Loomio. We walk through how people use Loomio to make decisions, share news and events and prepare for meetings.

View the demo here.

Loomio is used by:

Boards and Governance to prepare for meetings, build an agenda, post board papers, vote on resolutions, approve minutes and continue governance between meetings. Helping your board stay in context and better able to respond.

Member organizations as a safe, inclusive space for members to share information and raise topics, interact and debate, participate in important decisions and General Assembly. Including members' voice to organize for action.

Self-managing teams to work together, share info and ideas, progress discussions, follow decision making processes and achieve better outcomes. Increasing staff satisfaction and productivity.

Loomio builds a living record of your organization; the decisions made, who was involved and the discussion they had together leading to the decision.