Loomio is a discussion and decision making tool for collaborative organizations.

It enables you to bring people together to discuss topics, explore proposals and make decisions.

Loomio is a discussion forum with a set of proposal and poll templates to help you facilitate a discussion towards an outcome.

Watch this video for an intro to Loomio (8:45). We walk through how people use Loomio to make decisions, share news and events and prepare for meetings.

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Getting started with Loomio

If you are new to Loomio, go to the orientation tour to see how it works and how to navigate around the app.

If you have been invited into a Loomio group, see;

  • The Signing in page for help to sign in and join a Loomio group.

  • How to participate for help to write a comment in a Loomio thread and to vote in a Loomio poll.

And it's worth checking Your profile page for help to configure Loomio to your preferences. Upload your photo and change the settings for the emails you receive from Loomio.

Starting your own Loomio group

Read on if you are starting and administering a Loomio group.

Groups for info and advice on setting up your Loomio group for success.

Threads for help starting, using and administering threads.

Proposals and polls for how to use proposals and polls to engage your group, make a decision and use a particular decision process.

Making decisions can help you get started with collaborative decision making in your group. It outlines how to make decisions in Loomio and introduces a simple decision process. See this section for how to use Loomio for:

Subscriptions has information about Loomio plans and subscription management if you are using one of our cloud services.

How people use Loomio

Loomio is used by:

Member organizations to involve members in decisions. Facilitate a safe, inclusive space for members to share information and raise topics, participate in important decisions and vote in General Assembly. Streamline decision processes, improve transparency and accountability, document discussions and record decisions, and include member's voice to organize for action.

Governance boards to involve stakeholders in decisions. Create a safe space for discussion, keep track of communications, improve agility and response times. Structure decision making processes and preserve organizational memory.

See the Good Governance Guide to Loomio to help you use Loomio in your board or committee. The guide includes examples of threads and polls for common practices.

Self-managing organizations to involve staff in decisions. Tap into collective intelligence and engage staff in important decisions. Distribute decision making, build governance and policy together. Document decisions and log discussion.

Loomio builds a living record of your organization; the decisions made, who was involved and the discussion leading up to the decision.

Example threads

Here are some examples of common threads used by organizations around the world.

Prepare for a meeting - to involve people, establish a focus and co-create the agenda.

Approve a document, policy or agreement - to introduce, discuss and develop an important piece of work.